A Custom Digital Application

For the Houston Museum of Natural Science




Beyond the Label

OMR is proud to announce "My HMNS" a custom digital application for the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  With free curator-led audio tours, interactive maps, indoor way finding, calendars, ticketing, and much more.

Easy Content Navigation

HMNS patrons can quickly browse through current tours and exhibitions to find the most relevant and interesting guides to their favorite exhibitions.

Dynamic Multimedia Tours

With stunning images, audio clips, and videos, HMNS patrons get to hear the curator's fascinating insights and behind the scenes stories that wall labels can't deliver.

Indoor Maps with Navigation

Never get lost again.  Because My HMNS is location-aware, visitors get detailed directions to objects, exhibitions, and the next stop on their tour.

Search & Explore

Manually key-in object numbers just as you would with hardware-based audioguides.  No need to reinvent the wheel!  And because My HMNS is location-aware, patrons always have quick access to nearby content.

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