Elucid Maps

Useful data in 3d space

Our team maps and builds a digital model of your venue embedded with a ton of useful, geo-referenced data.  What do we mean by useful

geo-referenced data?  Take this door for instance.  This digital door knows exactly where it is in latitude and longitude.  It knows what type of door it is, what kinds of access controls it has, what hours it is locked, and what adjoining spaces it connects.

GPS has changed the way we do so many things.  But we spend the majority of our time indoors, where GPS doesn't work.  And what good is a great indoor map, if you can't tell where you are?

Indoor Location

Apple Maps & Google Maps

For public venues and businesses we can make your floor plans and tenant data available in Apple Maps and Google Maps.  Putting up-to-date tenant information and wayfinding into the pockets and purses of all of your patrons.

One Map. Infinite Formats.

Our open formats and APIs means that your dataset isn't locked on one platform or on one device.  It works on the web, on iOS, on Android...  Map once.  Deploy anywhere.

In-house Solutions

If you have an in-house software development team they can leverage your model to quickly add indoor, location-aware intelligence to your existing, or yet-to-be-dreamed-of, solutions.  Solving problems and saving you money.

Custom-Built Applications

And OMR provides a full range of bespoke software services, from custom mobile apps, to websites, to digital signage.  We're always here to help as much, or as little, as your organization needs.


We built Elucid as a content management system: The central database updates automatically across your entire platform of applications. Any changes, such as a new addition, a building closure, or a change of tenant is entered once, and deployed everywhere.  No more redundant work.


Indoor mapping

Elucid Maps.

Elucid Maps.

Indoor mapping, positioning

Elucid Maps.

Indoor mapping, positioning and digital building management.

Elucid Maps.

Indoor mapping, positioning and digital building management.  By OMR.

And because we have this crazy idea that your data should belong to to you... We give it to you...  in open-source, standards-based formats like IMDF and GeoJSON.  Ensuring you're never held hostage by proprietary formats and closed ecosystems.

Typically we can enable indoor positioning by leveraging your existing Wi-Fi network with no need for dedicated positioning hardware.  In areas without Wi-Fi or in situations where more precise location is required, we can leverage a number of positioning solutions including bluetooth beacons, UWB, Wi-Fi RSSI and Wi-Fi RTT.

On Apple devices, we can enable precision indoor positioning for everyone.  So any visitors or employees with an Apple device can automatically get their exact position in your building (even what floor they're on) without any need for specialized hardware or downloads.

That's why we enable indoor positioning.

Update Once.  Deploy Everywhere.

Elucid Maps


As always, our team is here to help with full service support and solutions.  Reach out

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Indoor mapping,

positioning and digital

building management.