Digital Audio Guides

Muse puts your audioguides and tours into the pockets and purses of all of your visitors.  No hardware to maintain, no software to update, Muse simplifies every step of the tour building process so that your team can focus on content rather than details.


Browse through featured tours and exhibitions, search for a specific object, check what's nearby, or simply key-in the same three digit object number used for your hardware-based audioguides.


Muse's simple, streamlined user interface combined with its location-aware intelligence delivers relevant content to your quickly and easily, ensuring that your visitors spend more time with the art, and less time on their phones.

Interactive Maps

with Accurate

Indoor Positioning

Never get lost again.  We build an interactive digital map of your venue and enable accurate on-device indoor positioning.  Now your visitors can explore your floor plans, see their location, navigate to a destination, or just see what's nearby.


Accessibility and inclusivity are at the core of Muse. All audio clips are transcribed for the hearing impaired and extended audio descriptions can be made available for the visually impaired.

Does not Disturb

Muse will only play audio content through headphones or the device's earpiece, never through the loudspeakers.  So no matter if you're a bustling children's museum or a quiet and contemplative fine arts museum, Muse delivers your content without disturbing others.


Because Muse isn't limited to what fits on a wall panel, tours can be produced in any language, and tailored to any audience ensuring that your content is accessible to everyone.

Easy Adoption

We've found the most difficult part of launching a museum application is letting your visitors know it exists.

So we made it easy.  Simply print under your audioguide numbers. Visitors type into their browser and are automatically redirected to the Muse download page in the Apple App Store on iOS, or Google Play on Android.

Our Team

at Your Service.

Muse membership comes with access to our full team of multimedia and editorial support staff so that your curators and experts can quickly and easily tell their stories without being mired in technical complexities.

Digital Membership Cards

No more digging through wallets and purses. With digital membership cards your visitors have easy access to their membership information in both Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. And because OMR geo-encodes your venue location, member passes automatically appear on your patron's lock screens when they arrive at your facility.

Introducing Muse, a digital audioguide application. Featuring interactive maps, accurate indoor positioning, location-aware content, and much more.

The Office of Museum Research