Introducing Project Muse

A digital infrastructure

 for museum applications.

Featuring audio guides, indoor positioning, way-finding, mapping, ticketing, membership, and much more; Muse is a comprehensive, feature-rich, platform for custom applications.


Allowing us to deliver and maintain cutting-edge applications in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, of traditional one-off builds.


And because we built the Muse Platform for museums, not software companies, Muse runs open formats that are never locked to an app.  So you can leverage your content, maps, and features on your website, in-house signage, on digital kiosks... Anywhere.

Self-Guided Multimedia Tours

Take your visitors beyond the label with dynamic and engaging multimedia tours.  Curators and experts can share their expertise and insights giving patrons the unique and personal behind-the-scenes content that wall labels can't deliver. And because wall space isn't a limitation, curators are free to build a multitude of tours catering to specific audiences from adults to children, experts to novices, general to niche.


Indoor Maps with Navigation

Never get lost again.  The Muse Platform leverages the Elucid Mapping suite enabling interactive floor plans with accurate indoor positioning, way-finding, and location-aware functionality. Visitors can explore your floor plans, see their location, and navigate to their destination - be it the next stop on their tour, a new exhibition, or the nearest restroom.


Browse, Search

and Explore

A simple, streamlined user interface gives visitors quick access to relevant content.  Browse through featured tours and exhibitions, search for a specific object, or simply key-in the same three digit object number used for your hardware-based audioguides.  And because Muse is location-aware, even indoors, your patrons always have quick access to nearby content.


Accessible & Multilingual

Accessibility and inclusivity are at the core of Muse's design.  All audio clips are available as transcriptions for the hearing impaired, extended audio descriptions are available for the visually impaired.  And because Muse isn't limited to what fits on a text panel, tours can be produced and tailored for any audience, and in any language, ensuring that your great content is always accessible to everyone.


Digital Membership & Ticketing

No more digging through wallets and purses.  With digital membership cards your visitors have easy access to their membership information in both Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.  And because OMR geo-encodes your venue location, member passes automatically appear on your patron's lock screens when they arrive at your facility.

Easy Membership Renewal

On-device notifications tell  your patrons when their membership is about to expire, and gives them a quick and painless way to renew with on-device payments.  Not only preventing revenue loss from lapsed memberships, but also saving the time and material costs of tracking down and renewing lapsed members.


Our Team

at Your Service.

Muse membership comes with access to our full team of multimedia and editorial support staff so that your curators and experts can quickly and easily tell their stories without being mired in technical complexities.

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